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Our March Specials

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  • Blow dry & Makeup – $50

    Look fabulous! We understand women and their needs, so we know you want to feel pampered, spoiled and relaxed every single day. Our specialists will offer you our special – blow dry and make up, so you take care of the other details…...

  • FREE facial product

    What nicer surprise after getting a wonderful Serene Facial? A free facial product, that’s the answer!...

  • Get a free wax

    When you spend $50 on any service here , at Serene Haven, you get a free eyebrow, lip or chin wax. It’s your choice, because you just deserve it!...

  • Hair cut – $45

    Spice up your day!  Get a new haircut and be the talk of the day! We have the best deal for you and your hair and it’s only $ 45....

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